“One, who can always be counted on to present a very together showcase of promising young talent, is diva, singer, pianist, teacher and ‘inspiration’ Leigh Scarritt – who had the Martinis Above Fourth dinner club crowd, on Monday, Dec 20th, enthused … and wanting more.”

Rob Appel
Rob Appel
Managing Editor/Columnist
San Diego Theatre Reviews

“What I’ve learned from Leigh Scarritt is priceless.”
Ryan Dietrich

“Leigh Scarritt productions is the place for fearless artists to learn and grow!”
Hayley Silvers

“We strive for excellence because art isn’t just entertainment.”
Peter Armado

“With Miss Leigh, I’m learning not only how to better my art, but how to better my mind, my thoughts and my heart.”
Michelle Molbegott

Hello Leigh,

I hope you had a Merry Christmas and pray that the New Year will bring greater joy for you and your family.

I noticed that you saw the news on FB about the show Judy will be doing this year. She is so excited and we are excited for her. She is doing Carmen La Cubana (based on the Opera Carmen) at the Chatelet in Paris. It’s been hard for her living alone in New York because she is such a homebody! But, she has great representation who really believe in her and that is wonderful. She is very happy about this job. It’s really the opportunity of a lifetime to see Europe.

I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for the experience and wisdom you invested in Judy over the years. Everything she learned from you has profoundly impacted her work ethic and enhanced her love of performing. She remembers you fondly and more than once, we both have said…..”What would Miss Leigh expect?” Or, “What would Miss Leigh do?” 🙂

With much appreciation,


From a Facebook post;

Thanks for letting me know this, Juliette! She is so happy to finally have the time to be a consistent member of the workshop and loves all the kids there. She’s so grateful to have both the older and the younger ones in her life and we’re both thrilled that she is part of such a loving and supportive group (both the students and the parents!). Eternally grateful to Miss Leigh Scarritt for bringing all of these wonderful families together and being such a wonderful role model herself!

Terri Whitehead

From a Facebook post;

167849_191379814213232_6887616_nWow! Can’t believe it’s been 2 years since we have been blessed to be with this lovely lady!!!!! Thank you Ms. Leigh Scarritt!!!!!! Coaching Madison has been the best…..

I have tears in my eyes every time she sings ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Rachel O’Donovan

From an Email;

arielle_powellHello Leigh,

Arielle captured the attention of hundred of spectators as she sang the National Anthem at the open ceremonies for the UC Del Sol Girls Softball league. I want to personally thank you for taking Arielle under your wings and instilling in her the confidence to perform. You are truly a great teacher and a class act. Thank you,

Mark Powell, Realtor/Broker