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Private lessons are one-on-one sessions with Miss Leigh. They are best for committed students, who have a passion for singing, are prepared to make a continuous commitment to improvement, and develop proper vocal technique. Private lessons provide an opportunity for individualized accelerated learning.

The most valuable teaching requires personal contact, close observation and practice. A beautiful voice is no more valuable to its holder than a beautiful violin or piano. It is just as difficult to master one as the other. A singer must be trained, no matter how striking the natural voice.

Miss Leigh offers not just technical instruction but life lessons as well. Whether performing, composing, directing or coaching, Miss Leigh is in close contact with the entertainment industry through her work outside of the class setting. This experience is invaluable to the student.


With many of her students in prestigious universities such as NYU, UCLA, Syracuse, Georgetown, and the Boston Conservatory, Miss Leigh has excellent knowledge of the college application process. Students can expect exceptional assistance in song and monologue preparation based upon a long history of successes, and on what best showcases their distinctive talent.
The preparation for applying to college begins well before the paperwork. Successful students lay the groundwork months, if not years, in advance. Miss Leigh will help the student not just zero in the material, but work on development and preparation of audition pieces, and give students life skills that will serve as a basis for success both in the university setting and in everyday life.

Many former students have described what they’ve learned as the most realistic representation of what to expect, and many college entrance evaluators describe Miss Leigh’s students with one word…”Prepared”.


Select group of acapella singers who have performed at the Kodak Theater, and the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Old Globe, the VIP and Season Release events at the San Diego Repertory Theater, the Broadway Theater, Moonlight Amphitheater, Del Mar Fair and the Shakespearean Festival in Balboa Park.


With hundreds of students, current and former, in productions across the United States Miss Leigh is the “go to” person when it comes to prepping for a role. Over 60 of her students have appeared in The Old Globes productions of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas (including 8 students in the 2010 production that just ended). Rent, Fame, Bye Bye Birdie, Brighton Beach Memoirs, Little Miss Sunshine, High School Musical, Disney, The Wiz, the list goes on and on of Miss Leigh’s students who have performed on stage, TV, and the big screen. Preparation is the key to maximizing your chance at a successful audition.


Designed for anyone, this class focuses on refining the actor’s skills. Actors will be challenged with scene work and monologue work. This is a fun, challenging class for actors who want to sharpen their tools, learn how to ask smart questions, make strong choices, break bad habits, and cultivate character through the self with honesty, integrity, simplicity and playfulness.


Awards for M*A*S*H*,  Pump Boys & Dinettes, Are We There Yet, Angels Among Us, Some Like It Hot,  & South Pacific, gives Leigh Scarritt the background and experience to bring your vision to reality.


Leigh Scarrit is an award winning writer/composer who can help those wishing to explore the creation of lyrics and music. With scores for such productions as Iphigenia at Aulis, The Orestia, and Angels Among Us, Leigh has the background to guide students as they embark towards a career in musical composition.


If you are a young actor/singer, and considering making a career out music or acting, a master class is a great way to enhance your skills and get comfortable performing in front of others.


Putting your dream to paper? Give your art the best opportunity for success. Every piece can benefit from an objective analysis of the premise, character, story, dialogue, and all the components that make up a script.


Miss Leigh is an award winning choreographer with a background in tap, jazz, modern, ballet, and gymnastics. She teaches and coaches understanding the benefits of using the Multiple Intelligences, accessing the equation of voice, face and body to tell a story. Miss Leigh has worked as choreographer, assistant choreographer and dance captain in national and international tours, and local San Diego theater.