SAN DIEGO, March 2, 2016 — Leigh Scarritt Productions today announces another successful show at Martinis Above Fourth cabaret last night. The night was magical  and filled with the excitement of every Stars of the Future performance.

The event highlighted incredibly gifted young performers as they showcased their musical talents. Here are some social media comments about the night.


Terri texted the following;

Thank you again for another amazing evening…every time I see Claudia and all the other performers shine so brightly my heart is filled with gratitude for you and all you do to get them there! Marvonte was amazing,  what a confident and strong performance for his first time on that stage! Hannah also was great with both the singing and the comic delivery! Little Lauren has such a sweet and beautiful voice and really handled herself so beautifully and professionally tonight. Ryan was incredible,  what amazing vocals and what a song.  I thought his performance was stunning! I could go on about everyone.  Great performances across the board.  Just super impressed by those first timers,  boy were they ever ready for their turn! Can’t wait to hear more from all of them! Thank you again! ❤ps did Madison stop holding that last note yet??? Incredible! 😄

And Julie texted;

Show was fantastic. Our friends and family raved!!!! Claudia is just so easy to love. She’s flawless. Lauren was on fire tonight. I’m not sure what her name is but she’s new and young and sang the song about biting the boys tongue. She cracks me up. She’s fearless. My mother just about fainted over Ryan and Peter. Ugh. I could go on. How fun. So proud of everyone. Thank you for having everyone’s back. Xoxo





Kyler Waitley
March 2 at 5:44pm

All hail queen Leigh Scarritt!!!!! Thank you so much for all you have done for me and your other clients! It’s such a blessing to work with you!!!






Terri Whitehead
March 2 at 5:09pm

Here is a much better quality video of Claudia’s performance than mine! Special thanks to Andy for taking this wonderful video and sharing it with us so quickly. We are so grateful to Miss Leigh Scarritt for providing Claudia with these opportunities to perform and for all her love, support and teaching over the years that have helped allow Claudia to find her confidence and deliver this kind of performance! Lastly, many thanks to everyone at Martinis Above Fourth Table + Stage for providing such an awesome performing environment and an always excellent dining experience for us and our guests!



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